Friday, January 10, 2014

Behind yet again!!! Wa wa wahhhhh!

So Christmas has come and gone and so has New Years!! Hard to believe but happy as hell that it's true! The holidays remind me of planning for my wedding. All the time prepping and planning. All the money spent just to make the day memorable and perfect...then WHOOSH! It's gone and all you are left with is a credit card bill and duplicate spice racks as gifts. Well for Christmas it was...WHOOSH! Instead of nifty spices...we got a fertility symbol (a present from John's parents and dearly deceased Grandmother), not sure how we feel about that gift still. It's haunting my every move from a bookcase in our living room. As well as us both getting sick a few days after the holiday. John is convinced we got it at my mother's house so now there is possibly no way we are going back next year. A bit dramatic and unrealistic, but I haven't totally stricken the idea from the board.

What I love most about Christmas is the sheer fact of being with the people we love the most (cliche' I know) and sometimes the swag. The kind of swag that shows that the person who gave it to you actually gave a damn and knows who you are. Those are the gifts that totally rock. Toats. I feel like a gift I gave one of my brothers hits that feeling right on it's soft spot of awesomeness.

And well the family part seems to be a given cause John's family is awesome. I am a lucky girl in the fact I love my in-laws. John on the other hand...eeek...not so much the fondness that I may have for his. But I know he stills cares about them.

Does anyone out there want to share your fav holiday moments? Family (Leave em' or love em'? Any amazing...or perplexing gifts that you recieved or gave?

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