Monday, July 30, 2012

Turns out I can effffing cook!!!

So I have been experimenting in the kitchen lately, the good non-meth making kind (unlike those in my home state of Missouri are fond of), by pulling out our cookbooks and being brave.  I have discovered what a great hobby this actually can be!  Not only does it take my time up and help me unwind at the end of a work day, but at the end of it I get to eat the fruit of my efforts.  And actually end up really enjoy all the hard work that goes into it.  It's not the same as say crafting or taking pictures but still just as satisfying and a lot more filling that eating a necklace you've just made....(my sense of humor alas cannot be improved upon)

My time being unemployed actually was really good for me in a lot of ways.  I was able to in a way re-prioritize what was important to me.  My husband, my home and myself.

With cooking, I find my methodical to-the-point-of-bitch kind of personality actually works well here.  John has never been as well fed by me and when I plan my menu out, we actual save money as well.  Plus it's a pride kind of thing for me as well. 

Here are the things I have made from scratch so far: Mac n' cheese, scones, cakes, non-bake healthy yum crispies ( my own name for these little clusters of awesomeness), multiple chicken dishes and zucchini pizza.

I hope to learn to make more and more dishes so that me and John lose a bit of weight, save money and that look of pride in his eyes at my culinary genius (or ability to read a cookbook properly) continues to grow!

*Sorry for the somewhat boring blog post...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The woes of the painful, but enlightened period.

"What a great title!" you are telling yourself right now.  And yes, it is kind of brilliant, because you are also saying to yourself "whoa, Melissa is on her period...why would she tell me this?!" and " I know not to be thwarted by awesome blog titles...".

Well the point of this blog is that I realized today as I rushed myself through my office without anyone thinking "Man she's gotta pee something fierce!", is that compared to say a year or two ago, is that I am now longer sad about getting my period.

It wasn't that I was thinking I was pregnant every time, but that I was more like "I'm never going to get to have a baby!" or some whiny shitsomethingorother thought I used to have.  But I realize now, that it's okay and that I'm somewhat relieved to be getting my period these days.  Because I realize that there's a bigger picture out there for me and john...and for my uterus. 

This is going to sound selfish at first, but I'd rather get "Gutter Guards" for my house before we have some wee little ones running around sucking up all our monies!  Yep, sounds bad and kind of selfish.  But let me explain.  I want to get all the things out of the way because I know kids will be a huge financial commitment.  Who doesn't (other than the Octomom) get that?  So yes, get all the boring and to be honest, pivotal home items bought first, sit back and breathe and then decide to have those kids.

But that means the awesome things we come across for a nursery won't be things we have to disagree over when to get or leave behind.  We can do more as well for ourselves (dinners, small road trips, etc.)  We will fight less, stress less and be so much more thrilled than we already will be.

So not being pregnant right now or even next month or the month after that is actually cool with me.
Now if only I could get over the sensation of my uterus trying to break free from my vagina would I be a happier girl. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A timeline discrepency explained

Real quick all, the blog before this one was written last year and the one before that was written 7 min or so ago.  I just thought I should post all of my old entries because you cannot explain where you are till you show where you were.  So sorry about that.
An update...finally!  Sorry I have been overwhelmed by so much that the promise I made to myself has fallen way way way under the radar of my daily life. 

So here is the update:  We bought a house, last semester of school has started for me, I had to get a new internship ( a much better internship) and just last night our two turtles died (definitely, maybe...some of it being our fault.

So everything in that list above has been a very happy time for me and John.  The house is awesome.  I am keeping myself from not putting us back in debt trying to furnish it all.  I may want to do it all right away, but everyone keeps telling me "You have the rest of your life to get it all done".  Does anyone not know me?!  I am compulsive and irritable with an unfinished project.  I stress when things are not in their place.  But I remind my self to breathe and that John might divorce me/lock me up/go back and live with his parents if I keep at it like I was when we first moved in.

But the house is coming along beautifully and I hope it will all be more or less painted by the beginning of October.  We are thinking of having our house warming event for our families around the 13th/14th and I really want at least that done. 

But now the thing that is really getting me is that and this has to do with a few things 1) Fall, I always feel so great around this time as if this is the time the world is starting anew 2) Eli is getting to be so big and he's running around 3) We have a house...I am starting to ask John when we really can consider us trying to have a baby.  I tell him that even if I got pregnant right away I wouldn't have the baby until mid next year and even if we didn't right away...and so on and so on.  It just seems like the next logical step...

But John and I both agree that we just bought the house and we need time to let that at least ease off of our shoulders.  Which he is totally right about.  But I kind of wish he would catch baby fever and let me have a break from it.

Now this is a gap!

So this blog is a beyond perfect example of how I get excited one sec and forget about it the next.  I have the best of intentions but the memory span of a gerbil on pez.  I believe I've seen case studies to back up that claim.  So I say I will continue this....I say I will be diligent, but I can no longer make promises as those.  But I can say I will try.  Because my life is pretty awesome and who am I to deny the world of a little bit more awesomeness?  I am no one!  So I say enjoy!  And of course be patient with me as well.