Monday, December 23, 2013

Feeling the Need for (insert need/item) in My Life.

Is it just me or do random wants attack everyone around this time of the year (or day)?

Right now I am feeling the need for:

1) A nap
2) Another coffee (which will hopefully remedy need #1)
3) A massive shopping spree at the Home Depot at which I will buy:
a) Electric fireplace (my tootsies will not warm themselves!)
b) Paint for the spare bedroom
c) Whatever I can ooohhh and aaahhh about and fit in my cart
4) A baby or a puppy (puppy is more economical right now and I am itching for something to cuddle and love. I blame it on ovulation. Damn my woman parts!
5) A massive bank account and end to my sweet tooth (I know one does not connect with the other, but I rather have a fat wallet than tummy.)

So does anyone else feel the ho-hum kind of feeling or am I just special?

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