Saturday, December 14, 2013

Random Things Done on a Snow Day by a Random Girl That Was Mostly Done in Her Randomly Matched Pajamas.

So nothing too exciting here in the Simon household but I said I would post more often so here we go nonetheless. Prepare to be totally unexcited and have your attention totally unriveted (can I use that word in this context, hmmm)...

Today I did:

1)Woke up and had some coffee!

2)Helped shovel the driveway with John and learned that we did indeed not have a second snow shovel and had to borrow one from the neighbors.

3) Did some laundry, dusted, cleaned bathrooms (typical household responsibilities).

4)Watched bits and parts of a couple of Mel Brooks films.

5)Made off like a bandit with the left over homemade TWIX bars I made back for our friends Thanksgiving from late last month ( okay I shared those with John).

6)Finally showered. I feel like a lovely lady now.

I can totally see him..
but it's still cute that he's
trying to hide.
7) Worked on project "Dino Butts" a bit.

8) Was on Facebook way too much.

9) Made John do his fav thing ever and go through a random pile of paper from the office, we always get a few of these laying around the house at the same time no matter how hard I try to keep us organized. Their like Tribbles...or cats. Annoying to say the least as you can see from this photo of John.

9) Doing my blog post for ya all.

Now I think I may retire to bed with some ibuprofen and a craft book. Going to go hang with my momma tomorrow on Main Street to enjoy some holiday goodness. See you on the flipside!

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