Friday, December 13, 2013

Some Tips on having a bitchin' New Year (and if you really try, possibly an even better 2014 the whole year through!)

So we are going to start this post out with a popular topic right now out on the internet, New Years and how to have the best one possible! But really, isn't this topic up for interpretation? To the individual? I think so, but nonetheless here are some ways you can have the best one possible.

Our first link to an article comes from YAHOO! This article gives you a few steps on how to start off your New Year right. I think a few of them are valid and practical, but not so much step-by-pesky step that most guides can be. I especially love #1, #5 and #6. I always want to learn a few new tricks and trades (Cuddle House entrepreneurship here I come!) and love spending time with my homies when I can get the chance.

The second link is to a really interesting video about a way you can break down your resolutions month by month. What is great this is literally step-by-step so no excuses now (That is spoken more for me than anyone else). The young lady also has a blog that is somewhat interesting as well if you are a youngster in college. But again sometimes I think some advice is great for any stage in life.

The third is the generic step-by-step taught to us all by a self-help guru. The one whose steps sound so easy its stupid "DUH!", but quietly we're all like "It's so simple, it's genius! How practical, I cannot fail!!" The one we say why bother cause it's so simple that you don't need a tutorial or even a 5-line article, but in the gloom of the post-lunch coma we really spend time secretly googling (remember to use lubrication) these steps.

So in order to freak everyone out now...What resolutions are you going to make, break and overall stress about? Do you have any methods of keeping them that you would like to share with the class? Any that you regret not keeping or following?

I think I would like to:

1) Learn how to knit
2) Lose weight (boring and generic I know)
3) Finally get everyone room in my house painted and touched up in spots where needed

There are so many more, but right now I cannot think of them. But again, keep me posted on yours and we'll see who kicked whose ass this time next year!!

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