Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Book of Possibilities

Alright, so after watching some Netflix the other night and watching (yet again) "Last Holiday" with Queen Latifah, I got to thinking her "Book of Possibilities". It is a great idea. All your hopes ad dreams ready and waiting for you to peruse and seek out whenever you are feeling low or uninspired.

I had to do a lame ass "Inspiration Board" for a going nowhere job I had a few years back and to be honest it was fun to dream a little big. It's almost like when you play the lottery when the jackpot is really big. Everyone gets to sit around and say "If I won the lottery I would...do this...buy this...go there...” But with the "Possibilities Book", it is almost like the same concept, though more attainable and more in your face (in yo face sucka!).

I am thinking on my lunch today jotting a few things down. The question is can I get John to do the same?? If I started this should I just keep the book (it would be just a general notebook to start) in a general place in the house where we could both just grab it when a notion or idea comes to us? Or would it fall to the wayside like every good intention/resolution that we seem to start up? Hmm...the possibilities of it all *pun intended*.

I love intentions/resolutions for the fact that when you make them they make you feel a thousand feet tall or even somewhat invincible. Has anyone out there ever made a resolution/possibility book and have actually kept it?

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